Temperance Book

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Single Volume, Limited Edition
Signed and Numbered
(Soft cover, 250 pages) 

Double Volume Artist Edition of 10
Signed and Numbered
(softcover, 446 pages)

How much can you remove yourself from a photo you have taken? I put a mirror, sometimes two, sometimes three, between myself and the model. I want to tell the story the subject wants to tell. The photographer is the ghost of every image. I have always wanted to place attention elsewhere and not to stand under the lights, or in the gaze of others.

The further I can remove myself from a portrait the better. I used to want to see myself reflected in the eyes of every person I come across but even that feels too close now. Now I take the effort to look at people as indirectly as I can. Capture them as if I am not there, or am there, however they prefer. Temperance is my attempt to abstain from influence as best I can and to record what follows.

For three years I spent months at a time in a small room photographing portraits not knowing what I had to say. I think because it was my time to stop speaking...my time to accept a silence I often run from. Photography is the greatest meditation on a moment we have. This is a collection of moments I have witnessed and done my best not to tamper with. The hands of men have muddied far too much in this world; I hope that I can touch lightly enough not to stir the sediment of misery sitting just below life's surface, but to calm or allow a hand for escape.

I search for peace rather than joy or abrasion. Even peace is often melancholy. Maybe the mood of Temperance is still a reflection of me. I can only walk so far away."

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