Into the Wild (E Book)

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372 Pages
12x12 Inch
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"I think a lot of people start with an idea, and then seek to create something that conveys that idea. I do not. I start writing and a mess of thoughts spill out- I find meaning later. I pick up the camera and the world floods in, and we each - photographer, subject, viewer - find our own meaning later. It is a patient acceptance of lack of control.

After a year that saw a break down in collaboration (2020), and the experience it brings, I sit here thinking “What is important about this work?” For me Into the Wild stems from a peace, or a sense of adventure, I feel in nature. A smallness only a landscape can create within. But when I enter the woods this year I’m forced to reconcile that there is something missing. To be in a forest alone doesn’t bring that same calm. A year's worth of isolation has shown me that that peace, that sense of adventure, that magic the wilderness brings, has so much more meaning when shared with others.

This is why I found solo landscape photography less fulfilling. Why I’ve always traveled in a pack. The same places can have a repeated sense of newness through the eyes of others. At the heart of my work is always the collaboration of experience. I am a portrait photographer and the people that stand in front of me make the same places feel new again and again, and elevate new places in that we have shared that space together.

I am no conqueror, no pioneer seeking to tame the wilds. The landscape isn’t something I or the people I work with triumph over, but instead exist within for a moment, and then in memories." 

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